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Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC)

LASC is an initiative for cultural promotion, development education and campaigning solidarity, linking Ireland and Latin America.

Latin America:

LASC recognises and seeks to challenge the uneven and unjust concentration of wealth, land and political power in the hands of a few; the persisting discrimination of the rights of indigenous groups; the submission of the rights of the people to the rights of minority economic interests including both multinational companies and national private companies; the continuing tradition of military and police violence as a response from government to demands for social change; the intrusion of foreign powers in national affairs and the widespread acceptance of neo-liberal political and economic policies.




LASC believes in a Latin America and an Ireland based on equality, social justice and an equal expression of cultural, social, political and economic rights for all human beings.




LASC's mission is to expose and challenge the current economic, social and cultural injustices in Latin America and Ireland, through public awareness raising, education, information exchanges and campaigns in solidarity with the people of Latin America who resist oppression and struggle to create a fair and inclusive society.
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