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Requests to hold Events

We are very keen to see new people / groups putting on events in Seomra Spraoi. Before holding an event in Seomra Spraoi you will need to read and follow our guidelines for running events.

 Guidelines for Running Events

If you would like to put on an event, please email us at with the details of the proposed event along with a contact phone number. Please try to include all the details asked for below.


Name of Contact Person:

Contact person's phone number:

E-mail address:

Booking Date:

Start time:

End time:
(include any setting up and closing down time)

A minimum of 6 weeks notice is required between the date of the event and receipt of this application. For public meetings/talks this can be 3 weeks if it is urgent (Talk to us if you need sooner). Please check our calendar on the right to make sure you're requested date is not already booked. In some cases things may be booked but not on the calendar so try to give 1 or 2 alternative dates in case the first date is unavailable.

Which Room(s):
tick the rooms you want (you're welcome to visit the centre during opening times to check out the rooms available)

main hall downstairs [  ]     the smaller front room downstairs [  ]

for workshops/talks only --  blue room upstairs [  ]   yellow room upstairs [  ]

Title of event:

Description of event:
(please give a brief description of your event, e.g., what type of event - workshop, disco, live bands, theatre, cinema)

Any other requirements:
(e.g., chairs, tables, tea/coffee--We may not be able to guarantee all these, but will do our best to help. We can discuss this at the events meeting which you attend)

Audio/Visual Equipment:
There is a charge for the use of the following, please tick if required:

PA and speakers (€20 per day/night)     [  ]       Projector (€20 per day/night)      [  ]

Are their any restrictions to entry?
(e.g., limited booking spaces, minimum age, men/women only)

Door Money/donations:
How much of a donation do you want to “charge” on the door?

As a non-profit, non-commercial social space, we ask that you advertise it with a suggested donation as opposed to a charge on the door and not to exclude people if they are not able to pay the full suggested amount. We promote a policy of “suggested donation--pay more if you can afford it, less if you can’t.” For most late night events we would suggest €10 waged, €5 unwaged.

Contribution to Seomra Spraoi:
If you are collecting money at the door, we ask for a minimum contribution of 50 % of the door takings to go towards Seomra Spraoi for rent costs.

Other Costs:
Please give us a rough breakdown of how much your other costs will be for the event

Again as a non-profit project, individuals/groups should not be profiting/“earning a wage” from the event. Everyone working in Seomra Spraoi gives their time and efforts for free. Bands/ artists /contributors to the event can be reasonably recompensed for their expenses/contributions.

Please describe any other income that will be generated in the course of the event:
(e.g., Contributions collected, sale of items/services)

After covering costs, and paying contribution to Seomra Spraoi, where will the money raised go to. Please describe the benefit and how money will be used 

Do you want the event advertised on Seomra Spraoi's Facebook page or monthly events email?  yes / no

If so, please give a title and text (not more than 50 words) of the event:


If you have artwork/photo to go with this please email to with a subject line that includes the name of the event.

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