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User Groups

Abortion Rights Campaign Ireland

The Abortion Rights Campaign is an alliance of pro-choice groups and individuals in Ireland and Northern Ireland who believe that women’s lives matter, and women’s health matters.

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Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM)

The Workers Solidarity Movement was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1984.

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Queer Thing

Queer Thing is a new radical queer group in Dublin.

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Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group (RAG)

The RAG is a magazine produced by a diverse group of anarcha-feminist women in Dublin.

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Auntie Underground Cinema

Auntie Underground Cinema - we screen movies on the 1st and the 3rd Friday at 7pm in Seomra Spraoi. Come and see!

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Anti Racism Network Ireland

The Anti Racism Network (ARN) is an independent political organisation run by ordinary people. We work to fight racism in all its forms and expressions and to affirm the principle of equality of every human being.

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Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)

The IPSC was set up in late 2001 by a group of established Irish human rights and community activists, academics and journalists.

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Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC)

LASC is an initiative for cultural promotion, development education and campaigning solidarity, linking Ireland and Latin America.

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Shell To Sea

Shell to Sea is an international non violent campaign, rooted in the Erris community.

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No Fracking Dublin

No Fracking Dublin are a group of concerned citizens who came together to raise awareness about the dangers of fracking Email nofrackingdublin(at)gmail(dot)com

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Climate Camp Ireland

Concerned about climate change and the end of oil? Care about social justice? Fed up with the response of government and corporations to the biggest crisis humanity faces? You are not alone.

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Choice Ireland

We are a Dublin-based pro-choice group which has been active since January 2007. Contact us if you wish to go on our mailing list or become involved.

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Dublin Basque Solidarity Committee

Campaigning for self-determination for the Basque Country.

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