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6 - 10pm

Maybe other times, phone 01 872 8670 to find out

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Pessarium Banned from Mezz Breda. Coming from the gutters of Eindhoven rises a new feministic metal monster. Loaded with some beats, noise and all kinds of greasy fluids they attack the audience and themselves. Vla-wrestling, while singing and shouting the most poetic dutch flavoured lyrics about blood from your wiener, smelly-shitfart and ejaculation. come sing together with Klara Klapperkut, SLUT, Candy Cameltoe, Gothchick666_suus and Hermien Kutschurft.

    WhenDec, 06 2009
    from 12:00 am to 12:00 am

    Pressarium gig

    Dutch artists with a refreshing view of the world. Through
    performances combined with music and video art they want to show their view on topics such as sexuality, intimacy, and perversity feminism to our audience. And this always in a humorous and unstrained way.

    While graduating Nina de Wit and Liselotte de Groot developed the idea to form a collective. During their study on the St.Joost in Breda they didn’t like the competitive atmosphere among the students. They liked the idea of artists working together. Like the punks and rebels they wanted to kick against the established order. They formed a collective that seemd unmotivated, but instead motivated them to undertake more.

    ‘The unmotivated artists collective’ provided room for experimentation during their study. Because the atmosphere is totally free we can think of the most craziest things and then execute them. We are all specialized in completely different fields ( fine arts, photography, graphics and music). The collective allows us to work in other fields, and the group allows us to work together.

    The OKC stands for any experimentation at any conceivable field whatsoever. We combine performance-art, music, fine arts, video-art and entertainment. Especially the contribution of music made the art accessible to the public.

    it’s an experimental mix of music and performance art.

    The Line Up/playlist:

    Pessarium: Music Performance (25min)
    Victor Varapalatasio: Music Performance (15min)
    Kaiserschnee: Music Performance (6min)
    Heidi Unterpantsch: Music Performance (10min)
    Digital Mute System: Music Performance (15min)

    Slut Performance: Art Performance (5min)
    Kut Performance: Art Performance (5min)
    Klara Klapperkut: Art Performance (5min)

    Samson & Delilia: Pause Dj's (between the acts)
    DRTMSTR vs Penny Pony: Dj's (depends)

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